SASH Awards – Winners that are Making a Difference

Previous Winners of the Annual SASH Awards

SASH Merit Award

The annual award is given to a member of SASH who has made exceptional contributions to the organization. The SASH Merit award was first given in 2001 at the SASH Conference in San Diego.
Merit Award 2019 - Pat Fahey
Pat Fahey was an enthusiastic, dedicated foot soldier in the mental health trenches.  She graduated from The School of Social Work in Catholic University of America and received her clinical license in Virginia.  She had a private practice and did consulting for a Christian counseling ministry and a Catholic church as a teacher, therapist, and social worker.  
During that last 16 years, while Pat experienced many serious illnesses, she persevered and continued to learn and counsel. Pat was an avid follower and student of Patrick Carnes and through SASH she continued to strengthen her therapeutic skills. She became an early CSAT and a supervisor, joined and supported SASH, IITAP, and AFAR (and their predecessors).  She combined what she learned in life, classes, conferences, and in books to be an excellent therapist with a variety of the traditional and new tools.  She touched many people’s lives and helped them grow out of unhealthy behaviors into healthy, balanced lives. 
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The Carnes Award

First given in 1995 to Dr. Patrick Carnes in acknowledgement of his research and publishing contributions to the field of sex addiction, as well as, his efforts in founding SASH (formerly known as NCSAC). This Award, named in his honor, is now given annually to recognize an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the field of problematic sexual behavior.
Carnes Award 2019 - Bill Herring, LCSW

Bill Herring's 2017 article "A Framework for Categorizing Chronically Problematic Sexual Behavior", which describes the core of his practice philosophy, was chosen as "Article of the Year" by the journal Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity.  His framework has given a valuable definition to PSB that allows for most of the current "models" and treats individuals as true individuals and not as recipients of cookie cutter treatment.  This is truly valuable for the entire Sexual Health community.  In Bill’s own words this innovative framework reflects his core belief that he serves his clients as a positive change agent and that spirit is evident is every client interaction.   Bill served on the SASH Board and for three years served as Chair of the Annual Conference.  He has also served on the editorial board of the journal Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity.

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SASH Research Award

This annual award is given to an individual who has made an exceptional research contribution to the field of sexual health and problematic sexual behavior. The first award was given in 2004 posthumously to Dr. Alvin (Al) Cooper.
Research Award 2019 - Kristen Mark, PhD, MPH, MS

Dr. Kristen Mark is an Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion at the University of Kentucky.   She holds a Doctorate in health behavior and a Master of Public Health from Indiana University and a Master of Science degree from the University of Guelph in Ontario.  The author of 32 refereed publications she does extensive research on sexual health and sexual pleasure.  Her research focus includes sexual quality, solutions to sexual problems, women’s sexual health, sexual and relationship satisfaction, sexual desire, desire discrepancy, communication, maintaining satisfying sex in long-term relationships, and the effectiveness of integrating sexual pleasure into comprehensive sex education.  Dr. Mark serves on the editorial board of the Archives of Sexual Behavior and The Journal of Sex Research.

Previous Award Winners: Dr. Alvin (Al) Cooper – 2004* Michael Reece – 2005* Jennifer Schneider – 2007* David Delmonico – 2009* Rory Reid – 2012* Paula Banca-2016* Marc Potenza-2017* Dr. Mark Griffiths-2018* Dr. Kristen Mark-2019*

SASH Media Award

This annual award is given to an individual(s) or organization that has helped promote the understanding of sexual health or problematic sexual behavior through a book, video, software development or other technological advancements.
Media Award 2019 - Staci Sprout, MSW, LICSW, CSAT

Naked in Public, is her first published work and in it she reveals a compelling story of her own experiences with sexual addiction and how easily it threatens our lives if left untreated.  Yet this book also shows that by working through the shame, pain, isolation, and devastation it is possible to emerge with a hope for the future.
Rob Wiess’s review in Psychology Today states “throughout Naked in Public, Sprout writes with an open, honest, and highly compassionate voice. Because of this, the book is both compelling and enjoyable to read...the most important aspect of Naked in Public is that it presents a very real and much needed look at the pain and darkness of female sexual compulsivity, coupled with an equally real and necessary message of hope. Staci Sprout's story is proof positive that recovery, healing, and a better life are possible.”
Staci Sprout is a licensed psychotherapist, author and publisher with twenty years of experience as a therapist and social worker.   She is also a tireless advocate and activist in the field who uses her own experiences as described in this book as a speaker, retreat facilitator, and trainer encouraging professionals, and sex addicts and their families.
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