SASH listserv guidelines

SASH offers a private listserv as a members-only benefit. The purpose of the Listserv is to enable members of SASH to communicate with one another, ask all types of questions, receive responses and advice, and to provide support and education regarding the topic of Problematic Sexual Behavior.

Following are the listserv Rules and Etiquette:

In an effort to ensure that the listserv list remains a useful and positive means of communication, and of benefit to all participants, SASH has established rules and etiquette guidelines for all users.
When posting, members are asked to remember the purpose of the listserv. This listserv is for the benefit of all and allows members to communicate with each other, ask questions, gain advice, and provide support or education on the topic of Sexual Health and Problematic Sexual Behavior (SASH Mission). We ask that you not forward messages/responses without permission of the Member who posted.
You may post about questions related to your own practice or trainings relevant to the SASH mission. It is best if the post has a clear subject line to allow members to search the archives by topic. If your post will be lengthy, please do note that for the reader in the subject line as well. Users are asked to use discretion when using “reply all” especially related to “me too,” “thank you,” “ditto” etc. responses.
These are best sent “backchannel”. For questions on how to change your listserv settings, please email [sash at sash dot net.] as opposed to asking on the listserv.
Often our members enjoy gaining resources or thoughts about a difficult/new/interesting clinical situation, and others can benefit highly from this. Please remember to maintain client confidentiality when posting. You are responsible for ensuring that all feedback given is appropriate for the situation.
SASH does not endorse discussions of a political nature or those of celebrities. To be clear, posting interesting articles is fine. However, commentary is unwarranted. Be mindful of relevant laws and ethics when posting. For example, discussion of fees may violate antitrust law, and offering diagnoses of people you have never assessed is unethical. This listserv is for discussion of PSB related content, and all posts should reflect this as a topic, not unrelated products or services.
Misuse of the listserv can result in suspension from the listserv and/or removal. Failure to maintain proper respect, such as attacking or shaming others or using inflammatory language, can result in a member being placed in “moderator” mode, or being suspended or removed. Members in moderator mode will have messages reviewed by a moderator prior to appearing. Suggestions may be made to the moderated poster regarding edits or successful posting. It bears reminding that “tone” is often not readable in text (eg sarcasm) and is best not attempted.
For self-assistance to manage your own listserv account please click this link, then “get a new LISTSERV password” (in blue), enter the email used for the listserv and create a password. After logging in, find “Subscribers Corner” in the upper left-hand side and click the link. Locate in the middle of the page and click on “SASH-Professionals.” This will take you to a new page that has the archives and on the Right hand side (in a box) you will see “Subscribe or Unsubscribe.” By clicking on “Subscribe or unsubscribe” you can change your settings (eg to “digest mode” or to receive a return receipt of your post). You can also change settings by clicking “settings” next to SASH-Professionals on the first page.


It is the policy of SASH to support research efforts conducted in compliance with federal and state laws, and professional ethics.
Any research promoted on the SASH listserv must have the approval of an Institutional Review Board (where appropriate) to safeguard the well-being of human subjects. Any such research posting (and additional communication with participants) should include:
  1. contact information for potential participants, and
  2. the following notice: “This research has been approved by the _[institution or name of independent IRB]____ IRB, IRB #_______.”
Any post promoting research is subject to review by the SASH Board, which may request IRB contact information.
By posting a request for research participants on the SASH listserv the poster consents to this policy.
The following are the commands for making changes to subscribed enrollment settings on the listserv:
To search the archives or manually set your preferences login to the listserv
You must have an email registered in the list to login. If you have not registered your password in the past you will need to do so.
To change your settings without logging in you can also email: LISTSERV@COMMUNITY.LSOFT.COM for changes to take effect. Type the action to be taken in the body of the email (one line).
Action To Be Taken
Content of Email
Change your email address
Stop the list while on vacation
– Restart list
Receive the list in daily digest format (all messages at once)
– Cancel digest format
Receive the list in index format (message titles only)
– Cancel index format
Receive Digest and Index formats in HTML
– Cancel HTML format for Digest or Index
Leave the list permanently

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